Narani van Laarhoven

My name is Narani and I am a Coding Mathematician. I got my Bachelor in Mathematics in Amsterdam, my Masters in Barcelona, and recently moved to Brighton in the UK to work as a freelance web / app developer.

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More than just code

I've been programming for about a year now, and I'm excited to apply my skills of problem solving, logical thinking and creativity to building useful, interesting and engaging applications.

I am currently working on a variety of projects. As a freelancer, I am working on a crime reduction native mobile app, using Java for Android and RubyMotion for iOS. In collaboration with a family member, I am using Ruby on Rails to build a fundraising website in support of a bipolar disorder sufferer in South Africa who can't get the help and medicines he needs. Finally, I am collaborating with a friend to realise her idea for a dating app using ionic and AngularJS.

It is challenging and inspiring to collaborate with creative minds, turning ideas into realility. Although I am passionate about coding and eager to learn all the new techniques out there, I'm also interested in communication, education, mathematics, writing and project management. As a programmer, I get to satisfy all these interests.

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Development Skills

Back-end development

Ruby on Rails

Front-end development

HTML, CSS & Javascript

Mobile App development

Java, RubyMotion, Ionic

Version control management


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Have you got an idea for an app? Are you looking for a programmer to collaborate with? Drop me a line, I would love to hear more.